Amazon Cloud Camera

The Amazon Cloud Cam is an indoor camera connected through the home WiFi network providing full 1080p HD streaming video. The video stream can be viewed in real time online and stored remotely to be accessed anywhere. Through the smartphone app, you can configure push notifications when there is motion or other triggers. The camera has built in two-way audio to have a conversation with an elder that may be having an issue. The camera can be set to record when motion is detected and has night vision to function in low lighting conditions.


The WiFi camera has a simple installation and can be accessed via smartphone or computer from any location. Included is the ability to replay and download the last 24 hours for free. By purchasing the Amazon Cloud Cam subscription, intelligent alerts and advanced features like person detection, zones and up to 30 days of stored video history are also available. The camera is integrated with voice assistant Alexa to load streaming video on any device in your home.


Some ways the Amazon Cloud Cam could be configured for the safety of an elderly person living alone:

  • The camera can be placed to monitor high risk areas such as the stairs. When there is motion detected, a notification (configurable) is sent to anyone with the smartphone app loaded to check if there is any issue.
  • If someone is visibly in distress, two-way audio allows for a conversation and confirmation that help is needed.
  • Combined with smart home sensors, notifications for inactivity or other triggers could alert a family member that a senior may be in trouble. The live video stream can then be viewed to assess if help needs to be dispatched.


Combining the Amazon Cloud Cam with other smart home devices can allow for a more comprehensive monitoring system that alerts and provides visual confirmation if certain triggers are met.