Eatwell Assistive Tableware

People in the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease may have poor hand-eye coordination making eating meals a discouraging task. Eatwell’s utensils, plates, bowls and tray are designed to adapt to the special needs of those with dementia to allow them to retain dignity and continue to feed themselves.


Every aspect of Eatwell’s design has a purpose. Twenty unique features come together for a practical solution that is Alzheimer-orientated, compared to the cutlery and tableware most people use in their homes.

  • The colors are appetite-stimulating primary reds, yellows, and blues.
  • Each item has a different color and size making them readily distinguishable on the large white tray.
  • Internally-sloping containers allow food to collect against one steep side.
  • Spoon shapes match the internal contours of the containers.
  • An anti-tipping design reduces knocking over cups and mugs.

Researchers at Boston University confirmed people with dementia consume 24% more food and 84% more liquid from containers in bright colors.

The shapes of the spoon heads themselves help people eat well with Alzheimer’s as well. One side of the spoon matches the shape of the basin, while the other fits the curvature of the bowl. The Eatwell set comprises a tray, bowl, basin, cup, mug, two spoons, and two points to attach a bib.

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Eatwell contributes towards a caring environment for people with Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Loved ones and carers find it easier to accommodate people with Alzheimer’s at home, because the Eatwell set simplifies meal time. The tray and containers are smooth plastic and wash easily, so there is less work to do cleaning up spills.Eatwell Cup
  • The familiar bright colors attract those with dementia’s attention. This can turn on their desire for food sooner and help ensure a balanced diet.
  • People with dementia become less depressed and more self-confident when they are able to independently eat their meals.
  • There are no more plates and glasses to break or sharp knives to harm fingers.