iRobot Mopping Robots

iRobot has a choice of two mopping robots for elderly people who are unable, or don’t want to clean hard floors. The Braava Jet is ideal for smaller spaces like kitchens and bathroom where spills may occur. The Brava 300 is for larger spaces and multiple rooms requiring sweeping and mopping to tackle everyday dirt and dust. These intelligent mops can operate independently after a simple setup.


By just pressing ‘clean,’ the mopping robots will know exactly what to do. The sensors and navigation software ‘remember’ where it has been as it crisscrosses a room until it has been completely cleaned. The device also knows how to clean around obstacles such as furniture to not cause any damage. After the robot’s cleaning cycle has completed, it will return to its dock automatically for safe storage and not become a tripping hazard.

The Braava Jet for smaller ‘wet rooms’ like bathrooms and kitchens:

  • Uses a precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head to lift stubborn stains
  • Has three operating modes: wet mop, damp sweep, and dry sweep
  • Battery capacity is sufficient for 250 sq. ft. sweeping or 200 sq. ft. mopping
  • The Braava Jet incorporates pause and resume and “cliff-detecting technology” so it will not send itself down the stairs

The Braava 300 for larger spaces and multiple rooms:

  • Uses a proprietary pro-clean system for lifting stubborn stains
  • Has two operating modes: mop or sweep chosen by operator
  • Battery capacity is sufficient for 1,000 sq. ft. sweeping or 350 sq. ft. mopping
  • The Braava 300 also incorporates pause and resume and “cliff-detecting technology” so it will not send itself down the stairs

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The Braava Jet and Braava 300 mopping robots liberate an elderly person from the difficult and sometimes dangerous task of cleaning floors that they may no longer be able to do comfortably.

  • A spill in a wet room such as laundry, bathroom or kitchen no longer remains a slipping risk that could end up in a bad fall. An elderly user does not even have to lean down to activate the Braava Jet as there is a smartphone app as well. When the robot finds the spill, it quickly dries it up.
  • A senior person no longer has to push a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grime from the hard floors of their home. The Brava 300 helps avoid recurring lower back pain by taking over the task. It is one less household chore to do that also has inherent risks.

The iRobot family of mopping robots is a wonderful helping hand made possible by new technology. A family, friend, or other caring person can rinse or replaces the cleaning pads when they visit, ensuring the hard floors remain shiny and clean.