Medminder Pill Dispenser

MedMinder is an intelligent pillbox with many features yet simple to operate right out of the box. The medication tray is split into 28 individual bins that are unlocked only when that specific time’s medication is due to be taken. MedMinder pill dispensers remind the user to take their medications with a series of optional visual and auditory alerts. First the current compartment needed to be taken will flash, then the pill dispenser will beep, then the elder will receive a phone call reminder. If the senior still has not taken their medications, then family can be notified via phone, email and/or text message. Caregivers can also remotely monitor a patient’s medication compliance from anywhere with access to the online portal.


The medication regimen (dates/times) is programmable through a web interface and alerts an elder to take their medications with both an audible alarm and a blinking tray light that illuminates the correct dose. If a medication is missed, escalating alerts are configurable such as: send text to family member, then phone call to family member, then phone call to neighbor until the alert has been cleared.

The system does not require a WiFi, landline or smartphone connection as it operates over a cellular network. There is a monthly fee to use the system that does not have a long term commitment.

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Some ways Medminder could be configured for the safety of an elderly person living alone:

  • If a senior living alone in the community misses a critical daily dose of medication, notifications are sent immediately to family members who can respond to ensure medication compliance.
  • An elder who commonly opens the wrong compartment of medications will only be able to open the correct bin for a given dosage time preventing medication errors.
  • If there is no other ‘smart’ technology in a senior’s home, the pillbox can act as a passive daily “are you ok” check-in to acknowledge that they are up on any given day.