MySignals Elderly Monitoring Kit

MySignals elderly monitoring kit is a scalable system with many connected monitoring devices available. This enables different levels of medical monitoring only regularly found at a medical office. While it does require a family member with a degree of technical knowledge to set up, it is not difficult to operate once up and running. This system is made to travel or for those in remote locations when medical monitoring is also a necessity.


This advanced elderly monitoring kit is comprised of a central control hub where over 15 different sensors can integrate. It is scalable where you can add only the sensors that are appropriate for a given medical situation. The devices can connect through a local Wifi network or via Bluetooth.

Example sensors that can be added:

  • A blood pressure sensor
  • A device for measuring oxygen in blood
  • A glucometer sensor for measuring blood sugar levels
  • A body position sensor to monitor general position and movements
  • An emergency alarm button for summoning assistance in a crisis

This senior monitoring unit logs data on a daily, hourly, or minute-to-minute basis and can be accessed through a secure website or Android or iOS apps. There are other ports for galvanic skin response, electrocardiogram, electromyogram, electroencephalogram, spirometer, airflow, snoring, temperature, scale, etc.

Please note that there is a disclaimer posted with regards to end users purchasing and using their system. This new product, while functional, has not completed the process to be cleared as a Medical Devices:

“MySignals Products are not medical devices or healthcare services, nor are they intended for medical diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, advice or prevention of disease. MySignals Products are not finished products, so they are not intended to be purchased by End Users, but by developers, researchers and OEM Customers.”

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MySignals elderly monitoring kit adds a measure of comfort for spouses, family members, friends, and carers looking after a family member or elderly person needing ongoing medical measurements.

  • It may become possible to reduce expensive visits by medical practitioners. Email reports could replace some personal visits, provided the readings remain within safe limits. This can be especially helpful if the patient is some distance away from the nearest clinic.
  • Adult children living remotely now have the option of keeping an elderly parent with them, instead of sending them to a distant care facility they may only visit occasionally.
  • A senior living on their own will appreciate the ease with which they can now monitor their own biometric patterns. A medical practitioner or professional carer could revisit daily, hourly, or minute-to-minute records and intervene based on the results.

The MySignals elderly monitoring kit empowers carers to monitor the health of an elderly person without the need to be constantly be at their bedside.