Roomba Vacuuming Robot

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner has advanced features allowing scheduled floor cleaning that can be managed from the device itself or from a smartphone app. Run time is 75 minutes on its lithium ion battery. The Roomba detects when the battery is getting low and returns to its charging station to recharge. It then returns to work to complete the scheduled job. It uses advanced sensing to avoid tumbling down steps and navigating around furniture.


The Wifi connected Roomba robot vacuum is perfect for picking up dropped crumbs, pet fur, and daily accumulation of dust. It has intelligent sensors to move seamlessly through the house, relieving seniors from one of their most tiresome and potentially dangerous chores.

This eliminates difficult tasks such as:

  • Pushing a heavy, manual vacuum cleaner
  • Kneeling down with a dustpan and brush
  • Stooping to guide a broom under a bed

All of which run the risk of loss of balance or tripping which could result in a fall.

The Roomba has sensors that focus its attention longer on patches of concentrated dirt. It crisscrosses open spaces, but also detects walls and corners where dirt accumulates. At the same time, navigation software guides it around obstacles and even under furniture. It cleans in three phases: loosening, lifting, and finally suctioning.

A smartphone app can schedule, start, pause, or cancel cleaning cycles even while lying in bed or sitting in a chair. This robot vacuum cleaner is Alexa and Google Assistant enabled as well and could be turned on by voice command. Through the mobile app there is also a “floor plan” feature, so you can see where it had been cleaning while you were away.

Manufacturer’s Video


The Roomba contributes towards greater independence for elderly people as they no longer have to worry about the difficult and risky task of vacuuming.

  • An elderly person who is more frail no longer has to complete the physical task of sweeping and vacuuming which could result in a fall or injury. They can even start the machine by using the mobile app or by voice command through Google Assistant or Alexa reducing the need to even bend over to press the start button.

A family, friend, or other caring person can empty the vacuum when they visit making the process completely hands free for the elder.