Senior Night Light from a Motion Sensing Lamp

Motion sensing lights respond when they detect movement in darkness. There is no need to reach for a flashlight or a wall switch to turn this senior night light on. This makes it ideal when getting up at night for the bathroom fetch a warm blanket from the closet when the temperature falls. It is easy to install, needs no wires, and is a great way to avoid tripping over something in the dark.


This motion sensing light uses low-energy LEDs and AAA batteries. A wireless motion sensor turns the lamp on and off according to ambient light levels and movement within three feet. This replaces the need to move wall switches, increasing safety and convenience at a low cost.

The easy-to-use senior night light works in rooms, passageways, bathrooms, closets and any other dark spaces requiring immediate light in the dark. One touch installation is easy using the adhesive tape supplied. Approximate dimensions are 6” wide by 4” high by 2” deep. The night light just needs a flat surface in a dry location, without clutter around that could obstruct the motion sensor. There is also provision for attachment with screws if required.


The motion-sensing wall light positions easily wherever the user needs quick light at night. This makes life simpler for a senior living alone.

  • An elderly person who awakes at night has only to move their hand and the senior night light comes on. They can turn on the main bedside light without fumbling and read a favorite book until dawn or they feel sleepy.
  • A series of lights in the passageway allows them to navigate freely through their home when they can’t sleep.
  • A power outage is no longer a problem for an older person who is a little unsteady on their feet. If the power fails, they need no longer feel trapped when a wave of the hand returns light to the room.