Silver Mother

Silver Mother places unobtrusive monitors that measure movements in key places. These semi-intelligent devices detect activities as they happen and transmit reports to app-enabled phones. If you put one on a refrigerator door for example, it would log each time it closed or opened. You decide whether you want an email, instant message, or phone call based on activity or inactivity. Silver Mother lets you monitor an elderly parent in ways that matter to you and your family as every situation is unique. There are also no monthly fees to use the system.


Silver Mother uses technology to measure movement using sensors in each device. The intelligence behind the system can assess an elder’s health and safety in terms of critical activities such as taking medication. Parents receive memory-jogger messages, while family members and caregivers receive configurable “exception” reports.

Silver Mother’s devices have endless applications. You decide the things your parent is likely to forget, especially those directly affecting health and safety. Simply attach or place a sensor in the desired location, connect the Mother hub to a router, and set up the parameters to monitor an elderly parent according to their lifestyle.

Silver Mother never touches a parent directly. It attaches to familiar objects that they touch. Here are few examples:

  • The bottle or box containing their hyper-tension medicine.
  • The bottle in the refrigerator with cool drinking water.
  • The refrigerator door so you know they are eating properly.
  • The front door so you know when they go in and out.
  • The mattress of their bed to tell you if they slept through the night.

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Some ways Silver Mother could be configured for the safety of an elderly person living alone:

  • As people age the number of medications and their regimen can become quite complex. Especially after coming home from a hospital procedure, they may have a bag full of unfamiliar medication. Silver Mother is a unique was to monitor an elderly parent so you know they remembered their to take their medicine. After you attach an unobtrusive monitor, two things happen if they miss a dose. First, they receive an instant reminder in the home. Secondly, you receive a separate configurable notification. Then you can wait for confirmation on the phone as they pick up the box or bottle and peace of mind.
  • Sleep or the lack of it is a critical indicator of physical and mental health. If an elder is not sleeping well, Silver Mother will log how often they are restless and at what times. Sharing this information with their medical practitioner could lead to an intervention such as a change in their night medication.

Silver Mother gives peace of mind that your elderly parent is taking proper care of their health. They retain their independence and dignity with a safety net through the technology.