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Wisewear Fashion Technology

Wisewear Fashion Technology

Wisewear technology fuses seamlessly into a beautiful bracelet so nobody else need would even know it's there. The elegant jewelry piece allows for phone...
Silver Mother Smart Home System

Silver Mother

Silver Mother places unobtrusive monitors that measure movements in key places. These semi-intelligent devices detect activities as they happen and transmit reports to app-enabled...
True Sense Smart Home Monitoring

TruSense Smart Home Monitoring

TruSense is a smart home system that assists elderly people to remain independent even as short-term memory issues become more noticable. It achieves this...
Blip Blood Pressure Monitor

Blip Blood Pressure Monitor

The Blip blood pressure monitor is the first of its kind to connect via WiFi to its smartphone app. The device has been cleared...
Tricella Smart Pillbox

Tricella Smart Pillbox

The Tricella Pillbox connects to smartphones and tablets and reminds a senior when they need to take their daily medications. If a dose is...
Reminder Rosie Medication Reminder

Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie is designed to be a friendly reminder system especially for those with cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's or other dementia. Rosie is...
Medminder Medication Reminder System

Medminder Pill Dispenser

MedMinder is an intelligent pillbox with many features yet simple to operate right out of the box. The medication tray is split into 28...

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