Tricella Smart Pillbox

The Tricella Pillbox connects to smartphones and tablets and reminds a senior when they need to take their daily medications. If a dose is missed, or the wrong day’s pills are taken, configurable alerts can be sent to the user and also additional family members connected through the app. There is a built-in messenger for sending text, audio, and video messages back and forth. Historical medication compliance can also be visualized through the app.


The battery-operated pillbox is connected to a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and has an easy setup. It has sensors to detect whether an elder has removed their dose from one of the seven bins. If a medication is missed, you can remind an elder before it’s too late by sending a text, audio message, or video through the app. There are no monthly fees for the use of the Smart Pillbox or app and has a battery life lasting up to six months on ‘coin’ cell size battery (CR2032).


Some ways the Tricella Smart Pillbox could be configured for the safety of an elderly person living alone:

  • If a senior living alone in the community misses a critical daily dose of medication, notifications are sent immediately to family members who can respond directly through our app to help their loved one adhere to their medication schedule.
  • If the wrong day’s medication is accidentally taken by an elder, notifications are sent and a follow up plan can be implemented to correct for the mix-up.
  • If there is no other ‘smart’ technology in a senior’s home, the pillbox can act as a passive daily “are you ok” check-in to acknowledge that they are up on any given day.