TruSense Smart Home Monitoring

TruSense is a smart home system that assists elderly people to remain independent even as short-term memory issues become more noticable. It achieves this not by monitoring them directly with video and audio, but by reporting out-of-normal conditions in their environment. An intelligent hub processes signals from connected sensors and reports them by text message, email, or automated phone call when they are outside what is expected.


TruSense is comprised of motion sensors and temperature sensors reporting to a local hub. This in turn reports exceptions to third parties by emails, text messages, or phone calls. The TruSense senior safety suite also includes an optional GPS tracker/emergency button and Amazon Alexa integration.

The mobile app enables a smartphone to receive alerts via automated calls, messages and emails. The app can report the following depending on the installation and configuration:

  • When a person has been motionless in a room longer than normal.
  • When the temperature in a room is warmer or cooler than safe ranges.
  • If a door has been open for longer than considered usual.
  • If the occupant of the home requested assistance from Alexa.
  • If an elderly person is away from home, or their vehicle is out of their ‘normal’ area, a GPS tracker can alert to their location.

Manufacturer’s Video


Some ways TruSense could be configured for the safety of an elderly person living alone:

  • This technology gives peace of mind to an elder’s children from endlessly worrying about their parents. They can respect their privacy without adding video surveillance and not having to make regular “are you okay” phone calls. Smart home technology can be the difference for an elderly person remaining independent in their home alone.
  • Mobility and balance difficulties may increase gradually, with family or even the affected person not noticing. A sudden loss of balance could result in a fall without the ability to get up. TruSense can alert their nominated family member or carer they have been in a room motionless for longer than the configured setting.
  • When elderly people live alone with short term memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease, they may leave water taps on or soup simmering on the stove. The TruSense system for seniors detects doors left open, temperature discrepancies, or someone moving away from home with the optional GPS. The latter can then guide a rescue party to where they may be lost in the dark.