Wisewear Fashion Technology

Wisewear technology fuses seamlessly into a beautiful bracelet so nobody else need would even know it’s there. The elegant jewelry piece allows for phone notifications, activity tracking and acts as an emergency call button at your fingertips. The beautiful form can eliminate pendants and other buttons that may bring attention to an elder’s needs. With Wisewear bracelets, design adapts to function for a healthy, connected and safer life.


The Wisewear bracelet uses two-way radio to communicate with a connected smartphone. The user feels it vibrate to alert when ‘VIPs’ are calling. If ever an emergency, the bracelet can send notifications to designated family members with the elder’s exact location. Wisewear can give confidence that during a medical emergency or a safety concern, three taps will send a message with their GPS location. Then a trusted person can come to the elder’s aide.

Wisewear can also log physical activity and report progress against goals. It can be used to log step count, distance, calories burned, and active time daily. Then log into the mobile app to view a report. Wisewear uses a powerful, integrated rechargeable battery that lasts an advertised five days.

At its heart it is a lovely piece of jewelry that comes in several designs and styles.

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Some ways Wisewear can aide in a senior living safely in the community:

  • The bracelet acts just like any other activity tracker and can show reports over time of activity, or inactivity, that may be an early indicator of a larger underlying issue
  • Wisewear technology provides peace of mind when walking alone or outside. If an elder feel a pain coming on, or someone makes them feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable, they can tap three times to contact a person they trust with their location.